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Why Choose Petra Insurance & Consulting Services?
Having been involved with management for more than 25 years and run businesses from 3 to 50+ employees, I have worked to make whatever organization I have been involved with a more efficient and employee friendly work place.  Helping employee’s feel satisfied with their situation leads to a more productive workforce, as well as leading to a more loyal individual by offering perks and benefits that employees want to see. Whether that need is insurance benefits or daycare, the employee always feels empowered when they are asked what they need. Opening a conversation with employees and asking them what their needs are, helps them become satisfied with their situation. Discussions with management will be done to determine how they are hoping to grow their business, become more successful and grow their bottom line. The primary thing to remember is that your needs will always be front and center and your service will be tailored to you. Personal service is what I offer and that is what you will get. When you hire Petra Insurance & Consulting Services, LLC™ you don’t just get a company you get a person.