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Offering business consulting and supplemental insurance services in the Greater Manchester NH area. Petra Insurance & Consulting Services in Manchester NH.

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Meeting your personal and business insurance needs now and in the future.

About Us!

Petra Insurance & Consulting Services, LLC™ was founded as Petra Consulting Services in 2005 by Chuck Therrien. In 2007, Chuck qualified for his NH Life & Health insurance license and founded Petra Insurance Services. The primary focus at that time was offering Aflac® and other supplemental products to individuals and businesses. He continued offering consulting services and in 2011 combined the two  into Petra Insurance & Consulting Services, LLC™. We offer a variety of personal and business services. Some of these services include health insurance and supplemental insurance products for individuals and businesses. We also offer business analysis services, team building activities and consulting services to help you and your business grow and reach it's fullest potential. Please feel free to explore our site or contact us directly,  to learn more about the full line of services available to meet all your personal and business needs.